Ever since the pandemic, parents are more eager to be engaged with and informed about their child’s education. Thanks to the surge of tech, opening channels of communication between parents and teachers has become easier than ever. Interestingly, 95% of parents surveyed had some form of smartphone regardless of income level. Which is great because educators have been stressing the need for more communication. But what exactly do parents want from school communication?


Parents want to support their children in the best ways possible. So, it’s only natural that they want to be informed about their child’s academic progress, strengths and areas of improvement. When teachers provide regular updates to the parent regarding their child’s schoolwork, progress and areas of improvement, the parent can promptly help their child at home. 

Parents also want to be consistently updated with the latest news and upcoming school events that their child is participating in. Whether it is helping them study for an important test, attending Parents Day, science fairs, or just staying informed on an upcoming class field trip. This is all possible when parents have strong communication with the school and are kept in the loop regularly.

Strengthen their relationship with their child

The relationship between a parent and child lays the foundation for the child’s linguistic and emotional development. Having and maintaining a healthy and communicative relationship can help children develop strong relationships with their classmates. Parents can strengthen that bond by becoming more involved in what goes on at school on a regular basis. Or volunteer at school functions, and encourage their child to participate in school activities. Children tend to connect more when their parents are attentive. And when they share interest in the child’s school, interests and academic or social accomplishments.

Resource Recommendations

Parents would love to know what tech based resources they can use at home to nurture their child’s education. This can help nurture their strengths and identify weaknesses. In addition, given the plethora of free resources available on the internet, getting additional support is more affordable than ever.

Bridge the gap between home and school

It’s been known for while the positive impact parent-teacher communication has on a student’s education, social life and overall well being. However now more than ever in the midst of the pandemic, communication has become an absolute necessity. With so much learning taking place at home, parents would love to bridge the gap between the school and home to ensure their child receives the support they need.

One of the silver linings of this pandemic is that it has opened our eyes to the importance of strong communication between the school and home. The benefits are extensive, including supporting a student’s education, improving social skills and strengthening relationships between parents and students. After all, we believe that better communication leads to better education.

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