Once upon a time, there was an owl. No, wait, that’s not how our story starts. Let’s try that again…

Springring was born out of the frustration of working parents. Let’s introduce Mohammed, the co-founder of Springring and the frustrated working parent. Both him and his wife work full-time. They have two children that attend different schools. Staying up to date with their children’s school work, events, and daily needs was a challenge. Adding to their hectic day, they would receive school information through paper, emails, social media, phone calls, WhatsApp, and the Parent Portal. With the hope of an organized life, Mohammed – along with his business partner, Jawad – established Springring.

‘Springring was born out the frustration of working parents’

Springring unifies all forms of school communication. Bringing school admin, teachers, parents, and students on one platform. Known for being a symbol of wisdom, the owl became our mascot. Mohammed and Jawad formed a highly skilled group of owls to design and develop the product. Soon, the partnership grew into a parliament.

We decided to journal our start-up’s adventures and share our story with you. A way to keep track of our major milestones and offer sneak peeks into our work life. We’ll share our experiences. Conversations that we have. Ideas that we fight about. Struggles that we faced. We are not trying to conquer the world. Just trying our best to conquer our bit of it.