With the holidays right around the corner, there are many fun winter activities to keep your children occupied during winter break. It’s also the perfect time to strengthen your bond with them and spend more time together. 

Here is a list of some fun activities you can include in your holiday plans this winter break.

1 - Explore nature

Adventure is calling! Due to the pandemic, traveling to adventurous sights for the holidays may be out of the question. However, nature is all around you no matter where you spend your vacation. We recommend cycling at The Lagoon Park in Amwaj Islands, stargazing at one of the various beaches, and if you’re a dog-loving family visit Bahrain’s new pup-friendly private park – Wagalag. It can be a welcoming and exciting change for children. Interacting with nature helps children develop more self-discipline, relieve stress and restores their attention and concentration.

2 - Stay active

Children can get a little too excited about being on break from school. Help them channel that energy into different activities to get their exercise for the day – without them feeling bored! Electronic devices could be preventing your family from actually bonding. Kids shouldn’t have more than two hours of screen time a day. So aim to reduce that during the holidays. We recommend going ice skating at Funland Centre, roller skating, bowling – or even shopping!

3 - Festive family fun

Family is very important, and so is spending quality time together. School will be out in less than two weeks, so it’s a good opportunity to communicate and connect with your children. This will help build up their self-confidence and develop positive behavior traits. Family activities can vary from baking cookies and building a gingerbread house, to a movie night or family game night. What matters is sharing in the activities that build your bond with your children. 

4 - Play board games

Did someone say family game night? Break out the board games! Board games like Scrabble, Monopoly, and chess help children learn to cooperate, get creative, focus and be patient. Playing board games also builds character, increases their willingness to learn and teaches them the value of teamwork. 

5 - Get creative with arts & crafts

You may not be able to travel to your favorite holiday destinations this year, but you can always bring a part of that feeling wherever you are. With a little imagination and creativity, arts and crafts like making paper airplanes and snowflakes can bring back fond memories for the kids. Children can also add some color to their holiday by filling in their favorite coloring book.

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