It’s been 2 weeks since my team and I locked our office doors and started working from home. As social distancing guidances were issued due to the COVID-19 spread in Bahrain.

I have to say that as a technology company we’ve had the transition easier than most other companies around us. But it’s been an equally challenging time for us as well, as we try to navigate the things that we took for granted before this. One of the most challenging things has been the maintenance of effective and efficient Communication lines amongst the team. 

In anticipation of this, we tried to issue brief guidelines to everyone before we started this. I’m happy to share these with you here: Working from Home

‘it’s been an equally challenging time for us as well’

We tried to align ourselves along both General and Operational Guidelines.

Our General Guideline Rules can be summed up in four main headlines. With an aim to confront the “new” challenges that “working from home” entails:

  1. Maintain a regular work schedule and routine
  2. “What’s not written does not exist!”
  3. Communicate, communicate, communicate!
  4. Maintain an equally fun “virtual environment”

As for our Operational Guidelines, we tried to lay out a few of the nitty gritty details required to effectively communicate everything that we needed to communicate to each other and how we did that. To ensure that we maintained an environment as closely resembling our office, albeit being virtual.

‘we maintained an environment as closely resembling our office’

For this, we have to extend thanks to G Suite, Slack, Zoom and ClickUp, for the great tools they’ve provided us. They enabled us to remain as efficient and productive as possible during these difficult times. More details about how we employed these tools during this period is available in the document I’ve shared above.

Finally, although we try to maintain an equally productive environment for everyone, and continue to do so, we recognise that the physical and mental health of each and every one of our team members takes precedence over any work. And that will remain the case throughout this period, and beyond!

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