Now it might sound strange to refer to our team as ‘The Parliament’. But, a group of owls is called a parliament! We did not make that up, promise. As a team, we have a set of values that we follow. Collaboration, empathy, playfulness and knowledge. We work by them too: we’re building a platform that we believe in. 

‘a group of owls is called a parliament’

Quite similarly to owls, some of our team members are nocturnal. They prefer to work through the night and with dim lighting. 

Meet the Springring Owls

Mohammed Ashoor, the co-founder and CEO of Springring. Also known as the think-tank, the ideas generator, the problem solver. But also, causes the most disruptions around the office. He does have difficulty sitting in one place and he’s always on the move.

Jawad, the co-founder and CPO of Springring. Moves quietly, talks softly, but the claws come out when he’s agitated. He’s passionate about our platform and treats it like his baby. So his demands for perfection are justified. Afterall, he is the creative genius that drives Springring.


The Core Team

Sabreen, the Design & Marketing Director (that’s me!). The creator of the ‘Springring Cuteness Benchmark’. That’s the standard every designer and marketer needs to meet before working on Springring. I like to be organized. I live and view things in boxes and grids. Unlike most of our owls, I prefer to wake up early and get to work while the sun is up.

Ahmad Yusuf, the Technology Director. He would be the loud one. You will know when he is at his desk, in the pantry, or in the lift lobby. He does get the job done and keeps his owls busy.  He is very hardworking and very passionate about his work.

Mahdi, the Development Lead. There’s a saying at the office, ‘everyone loves Mahdi’. Imagine a baby owl, that’s very intelligent, very sweet, very funny…that’s Mahdi. He is a character of his own. Ridiculous at times, but highly skilled at coding and animation.

Ahmed Shehab, our UI/UX Developer. Known for his quiet nature, he hides behind the black screen of brackets and letters and numbers. But don’t be fooled, he’s super fast. That’s his superpower. He’s detail-oriented and focuses on design when developing our platforms. 

Ahmad Yusuf
Ahmed Shehab


Kaz, the Business Development owl. Loves calling and speaking to customers, a passionate foodie and a travelling fanatic. 

Zahra, the Digital Marketing Specialist. Though our youngest owl, she’s got the mind and hobbies of someone beyond her years. Her superpower? Research! Her interests? Cats, knitting, and rock music. To add to her long list of eccentric hobbies, she collects gemstones and crystals. We know, cause they’re all over her desk. 


Aaaaand, that’s it. That’s all of us. Congratulations for going through our entire bios and reaching this far. But also, thank you for going through our entire bios and reaching this far.

We hope you now understand the group of humans behind the owl masks, that brought you the Springring platform. 

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  1. Hatim Saif February 10, 2020 at 5:45 PM

    Wish you all the best for your new venture & future endeavors!


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